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Condition of the Item

We suggest the following guidelines for determining the condition of the item:

Mint: as new. No damage or stains on the cover, spine is not creased and no dog-eared pages. Dust jacket (if applicable) is undamaged.

Good: minor signs of use - slight creasing of spine. Minor creasing or wear of page corners, marks on cover. Dust jacket may be missing.

Fair: significant signs of wear, including heavy creasing on spine, dog eared pages, discolouration etc. However the book is still complete and intact.

Poor: significant signs of wear plus substantial physical damage including broken spine, torn & loose pages or missing cover. However the content of the book must still be complete with no missing pages.

Buyers, please be aware that the declared condition of the book is a subjective judgement made by the seller. It is up to you to determine if the book meets your requirements.