I have specific questions relating to my academic course v.3

Your first port of call should be the enquiry desks around the Library. They can deal with the majority of routine enquiries around literature searching and database use. They are also able to refer you on to  Faculty and Assistant Faculty Librarians who provide support for specific courses across the University. You should meet your Faculty Librarian during induction as they organise programmes which introduce you to the Library and help you acquire research skills. You may want to contact them about any specific subject based academic concerns you have. Their business cards with contact details are available at Library desks or you can find their details on the the appropriate subject pages.

If you have attended an induction session run by a Faculty or Assistant Faculty Librarian and feel you are still in need of help in understanding how you personally can make best use of our services please contact us via library@port.ac.uk or 023 9284 3228. If you need a more private discussion please contact our Additional Needs Co-ordinator at linda.jones@port.ac.uk (023 9284 3240).