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Hibbs, Hayleigh (2018) Let's keep this generation and thereafter safe from the clutches of cruel intention: what do parents know about their child's online behaviour?. (unpublished MSc dissertation), University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth


The internet has transformed how we all live, learn, work and communicate, and over the last twenty years it has become a pivotal resource in the ways in which we interact and engage with others. For children – at the forefront of the digital revolution – the internet has created myriad opportunities; and with the development of social networking sites (SNSs), chat rooms, and instant messaging services, it has redefined the way children choose to communicate with others. Children’s behaviour when online is often less inhibited and more spontaneous. This can become an issue when a child does not fully understand that their behaviours and actions online may have potential consequences in the offline world. Children are still learning and developing their critical reasoning and can be at risk from these new technologies; as it is not just them who use them. Many sex offenders have recognised what the internet affords them, enabling them to contact children at a safe distance, whilst keeping their identity concealed. For any adult concerns over their child’s online safety is paramount; therefore this research will aim to identify what parents know in regard to keeping their child safe when they use the internet, as well as gain a better insight on their knowledge regarding online child sexual exploitation.

Department/Group: Institute of Criminal Justice Studies

Course: Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption Studies - MSc - C2040P

Date Deposited: 2019-03-06

URI/permalink: https://library.port.ac.uk/dissert/dis13387.html