eBook (electronic book) collections

We have a large collection of ebooks which are available for staff and students of the University. They are available via a number of platforms, so ebooks don’t all look the same. In order to use ebooks, you may need to use software such as Adobe Reader or install a plugin via your browser.

The Library’s main collection of ebooks is from Ebook Central (formerly Ebrary), which includes over 200,000 titles. On top of this we subscribe to several ebook packages, often subject-specific, from suppliers such as EBSCO, Cambridge University Press, Emerald, and Springer.

We are also investing in patron-driven acquisition, whereby potentially useful titles are loaded into the library catalogue and only paid for if they are used. You won’t know if you are buying a new ebook or accessing one of our existing titles – what matters is that you have information delivered to your desktop when you need it.

You can search within each of these collections by using the links on this page. However, you can also use Discovery or our Library Catalogue to search for individual ebooks, both by known author and/or title details and by keyword. Both of these give you the option to do a search and then narrow the results down by selecting just ebooks.

Please note that there can be a short delay before newly purchased ebooks appear on the library catalogue; if you find one that says it is ‘on order’, you should be able to find it by looking directly in Ebook Central, Dawsonera, or EBSCOhost. 

We also have a Library Guide on finding and using ebooks.

 Major Collections

Ebook Central (was Ebrary)

EBSCOhost ebook collection

  • Subject collections and titles chosen by the Library
  • Can search other EBSCO databases as well

Routledge Handbooks Online