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Academic Journal or Popular Magazine?
guide to distinguishing academic journals from popular magazines [pdf, 200 kb]
154 09/09/16
Academic Reading
Everyone knows how to read, surely? University, however, makes additional demands on both the quantity and the density of what you need to read. This brief guide provides some pointers which may help. [pdf, 212 kb]
282 30/10/15
Academic Reading: Journal Articles
A short guide on how to read academic journal articles and conference proceedings. [pdf, 470 kb]
630 30/10/15
REVISED! Accessing Electronic Resources
instructions on the various methods used to access online resources while on and off campus [pdf, 120 kb]
155 30/01/18
Accessing Wiley eJournals
Step-by-step guide to accessing the Wiley Online Library [pdf, 368 kb]
575 09/09/16
Advanced Search on Google
how to make your searches on Google more relevant using the advanced search option [pdf, 172 kb]
156 09/09/16
Advertising in the University Library
Guidelines for anyone wishing to promote societies, events or services in the University Library [pdf, 39 kb]
669 29/07/15
APA (6th ed.) referencing basics
A short introduction to the principles and practice of APA referencing without examples. This guide is intended to be used alongside and complement the APA (6th ed.) referencing example handouts and the Bibliographic Referencing (APA 6th ed.) booklet. [pdf, 42 kb]
767 18/04/17
APA 6th ed Referencing Example
An example essay with references from print and online sources. Based on APA 6th edition, used by students joining the University from Sept. 2011 onwards. [pdf, 86 kb]
198 09/09/16
Applying a Search Strategy
a blank form to help all searchers to construct a thorough search strategy with reminders about using concepts, keywords, subject headings. It encourages the use of simple search steps in combination with the use of search history. [pdf, 190 kb]
591 03/03/17
REVISED! Bibliographic References APA Style (6th ed)
This leaflet is a summary of the APA style guidelines as contained in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed., 2010. [pdf, 1.02 mb]
190 02/02/18
Bibliographic References Vancouver Style
The Uniform Requirements style (the Vancouver style) is based largely on an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard style adapted by the US National Library of Medicine(NLM) for MEDLINE and other databases. [pdf, 1.42 mb]
204 08/03/17