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Guides for Referencing Information

Title Id Updated
APA 6th ed Referencing Example
An example essay with references from print and online sources. Based on APA 6th edition, used by students joining the University from Sept. 2011 onwards. [docx, 22 kb]
198 06/12/18
Bibliographic References Vancouver Style
The Uniform Requirements style (the Vancouver style) is based largely on an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard style adapted by the US National Library of Medicine(NLM) for MEDLINE and other databases. [pdf, 1.54 mb]
204 24/05/18
REVISED! Bibliographic References: APA Style (6th ed.)
This booklet combines an introduction to referencing with a summary of the APA style guidelines as given in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed., 2010. Like all library guides, this can be printed in large format by [pdf, 483 kb]
190 19/08/19
Bibliographic references: OSCOLA
This leaflet combines an introduction to referencing with a summary of the OSCOLA (Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities) footnote citation and referencing guidelines. [pdf, 731 kb]
795 07/01/19
Endnote Basic
EndNote Basic otherwise known as EndNote Web or EndNote Online is a web-based program which can help you when you are writing pieces of academic work by organising your references and helping cite them in your work. [pdf, 592 kb]
208 21/09/17
EndNote installers and Cite While You Write
Guide to downloading EndNote installers and Cite While You Write software in Word [pdf, 1.15 mb]
686 18/01/19
EndNote Online - How to register
A guide to registering for EndNote Online (also known as EndNote Basic or EndNote Web). [pdf, 147 kb]
734 29/07/16
Introduction to R@P website
Powerpoint slide with annotation giving key tips on using R@P [pptx, 357 kb]
675 13/10/17
OSCOLA Bibliography (exemplar-long)
A longer and more varied exemplar bibliography produced in response to requests from staff and students, [pdf, 524 kb]
649 11/10/18
Oscola Referencing Example
An example essay using Oscola referencing of a variety of sources. Oscola is used if you are writing for a qualifying Law degree or for the School of Law. [pdf, 132 kb]
200 02/02/18