Your students and information literacy v.1

The Library can offer your students tuition in information literacy skills at all levels, anything from simple inductions to advanced workshops for final year students and postgraduates.

We are very flexible in our provision of information literacy training. Our sessions can be tailored to the specific needs of your course and range from small-group tutorials to larger groups of up to 50 in the Library (or even larger groups using pooled spaces outside the Library). We are happy to discuss anything from a 10 minute welcome in Induction Week to a 3 hour pre-dissertation workshop.

Also on offer is a regular programme of Library workshops open to all-comers, staff and student alike, on topics such as finding information in journals, referencing and 'Good Googling'. Look out for announcements on the Library home page, the Library's plasma screen and via all-staff emails.

To arrange information skills tuition for your students please contact your Faculty Librarian.

Information literacy and you - have a PLUS

Information literacy isn't just for your students.  Library resources and the interfaces to our electronic databases are constantly changing or being updated. And when there are so many other important things competing for your attention it's easy to feel left behind.  If you would like to take the time to explore whether there is anything new of interest to you, why not contact your Faculty Librarian to arrange a Personal Library Update Session (PLUS)?  Your Faculty Librarian or Assistant Faculty Librarian will come to your office at a mutually convenient time and show you the resources we have to offer. They will also share with you tips for getting better results from your information searches and for organizing those results for future reference, including demonstrating the use of the reference management software packages EndNote and EndNote Web.

Information literacy skills

We are currently developing a range of small learning objects, such as videos, online demos, interactive web pages and handouts to help teach students how to search for and use information. These objects will be available via a repository for use in Moodle and also on the website.