Accessible workstations

There are four accessible workstations for disabled library users: three on the ground floor and one on the first floor. 

The assistive software available on these PCs is networked and available on all university computers. Small peripherals (such as the tracker ball mouse and high contrast keyboard) can be moved to other computers for your convenience - just ask a member of staff.

Who is it for?

The only difference between the standard an accessible workstations on the ground floor are the ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks, and extra surrounding space to accommodate wheelchairs.  These are therefore reserved for those with physical disabilities which require these adaptations.  The accessible workstation on the first floor is equipped with a large font, high contrast keyboard and a Magnilink (CCTV) reader for those with visual impairments.  A trackerball and/or joystick mouse are available upon request.

Accessible workstations on the Ground Floor

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Where and when?

These PCs are available whenever the Library is open, though the peripherals can only be moved while staff are available.