Coloured overlay reading rulers

Approximately 10% of the UK population suffers from visual stress, which makes reading text for long periods very difficult and uncomfortable.

Sufferers complain of letters appearing to jump around, bunch together, or fade and of losing their place when reading. Reading fluency is disrupted making the entire process slow, tiring and difficult. Some individuals suffer from migraines or itchy eyes when reading. Using tinted or coloured reading rulers can improve reading speed, accuracy and fluency by adjusting the colour of the page to one that suits your eyesight.

Who is it for?

Coloured reading rulers can help people with dyslexia or scotopic sensitivity.  ASDAC may have referred you for tests which suggest the best colour for you; otherwise you are welcome just to try them out and find which works best for you.  They are for use within the Library, so please return them after you finish using them so they are available for the next person.  If you'd like one to keep, please ask.

Coloured overlay reading rulers

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Where and when?

They are available from the Loans Help Desk whenever the building is staffed by Librarians.