Book fetch service

Book fetch is a service we offer in which we collect the list of books you send us and place them on the reservation shelf for you to collect (or to be collected on your behalf).

Who is it for?

Do you have a disability or difficulty which makes it difficult for you to collect the books you need from around the library building?  For instance, do you struggle to read the Dewey numbers on books, find the aisles too narrow to get down, are you unable to reach high or low shelves, etc.? If so, then this service could be for you.  Just send us a list of the books you want and we will gather them for you. 

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Where and when?

Collection is from the reservation shelves.  You can collect yourself or arrange a proxy - please see website for details of how to arrange this.  Books are reserved for you for 7 days and need to be issued to you before you leave the building.  Staff at the Welcome Desk will be happy to assist you in any way.  Please email the list to with "Urgent book fetch" as the subject to ensure your request is dealt with promptly.  We aim to have your books ready to collect in under 48 hours if they are on the shelves.