Law resources - Lexis Library and Westlaw UK

Westlaw UK and Lexis Library are our two main law resources.  Both offer comprehensive coverage of primary and many secondary law sources and helpfully identifies both how statutes have been updated over time and which laws are still in force, and where legal cases have been cited in later law reports whether or not they were ruled to be informative precedents.

Lexis Library is for its unique and comprehensive coverage of the authoritative All England Law Reports and its useful news search for UK newspapers and mass media publications.

Westlaw UK lists reports in decreasing order of preference/authority and gives the citations for Law reports in the precise form required for OSCOLA references, which makes it particularly useful for non-lawyers studying just one law unit and who have been asked to use the OSCOLA referencing system for the first time.

Both are excellent legal information resources. If you are studying Law as a degree subject, you are well advised to use and pursue certification in both because it is unlikely you will ever have access to more than one of them in your future employment.