Display space

The Library hosts an attractive, naturally lit exhibition space on the first floor landing of the wooden staircase leading up from the Atrium, available for students, alumni and staff to exhibit their work and hobbies.  We have spaces for both photographic and poster displays and also a glass cabinet for three-dimensional displays that can be locked for security or left open so that your audience can interact with your work.  You can use one, several, or all of the display space units for your display.  You can find links to recent displays on the Display Space page of the Library website.

Who is it for?

All students, alumni, staff and associates are welcome to display their work and hobbies.  Your display can be of any type and on any subject.  

Where and when?

Please get in touch for further details of when we can display your work and to discuss any particular requirements you might have.  You can email, phone, chat to us online (24/7) or just pop in and ask any member of Library staff.  A downloadable guide showing the shape and dimensions of the display units is also available.