Getting started online: changing your temporary password

When you join the University and set up your student computer account, Information Services (IS) issue you with a username and a temporary password.  For your own security, you must change this password to something only you know at your earliest opportunity. After a very short time (usually after three logins), the temporary password you are given will expire.  After this, it will never work again.  If this happens to you, you will need to call the IS Service Desk on 023 9284 7777 and ask them to reset your password.  The new password they give you will also stop working unless you change it.

You can set up your account details and change your temporary password by visiting the Student Account Manager web page.  A link to this page is given below.


Who is it for?

Everyone joining the university and anyone who has had their university computer network password reset.

Where and when?

You university login lets you access your Moodle course site, university e-mail, library delivery service for distance learners and most university e-resources, which you sign into via the University of Portsmouth.  If you visit the campus, you can also use your login and password to use university desktop and laptop computers.