Grow your concentration

Do you find yourself distracted by your mobile phone?  Do constant social media and messaging updates keep you from really getting stuck into your work?  Try Forest, an app that rewards you for leaving your phone alone by growing a big beautiful tree from a tiny sapling.  If you give in and use your phone before the phone-free time you set yourself at the beginning, you have to watch your little digital tree die.  Perhaps a tad dramatic but it is certainly an incentive, and the tree you kill is only a digital image.  No actual trees are harmed by running this app, not at least so far as we are aware.

You can even earn coins by resisting the lure of your phone for long enough and spend these in app to donate to the app developer's partner organization, Trees for the Future, who will then plant real trees.  So as well as getting more done and losing your mobile phone addiction, you can also help make the world a greener place.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to learn to live without constantly checking their phone and who will not be traumatised by the crippling guilt of killing a digital sapling when they can no longer resist checking Instagram.