An increasing amount of our book stock is in the form of electronic books or eBooks, which are on-screen versions of printed books which you can read online.

We target our purchase of individual ebooks to ensure that wherever possible, copies of the most in-demand texts, and those on reading lists, are available electronically. This makes it easier for you to get access to material recommended by your lecturers, even when all our print copies are on loan or you can’t get to the Library building.

You can read eBooks on mobile devices

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Where and when?

eBooks are available any time from any computer with Internet access, and you can find them by clicking on the blue button in the top right-hand corner of most of our web pages and entering your query into the Discovery or Catalogue boxes on the Search Page. Local public libraries may sometimes have ebooks that complement our collections that may also be useful.

Most eBook suppliers will let you download, print or highlight sections you need and even make notes on the text which you can refer to later.