Assistive technology

In addition to the networked accessibility software and large 24" computer screens supplied as standard for all desktop computers, the University Library has a variety of equipment and systems in place to support those with disabilities. 

ASDAC usually provide introductions to these assistive technologies, but Library staff may also also be able to help you with the basics.

Who is it for?

Any visitor to the library who identifies themselves as having a disability.  You do not need to be in receipt of DSA and there are no extra fees.  Currently, you do not have to have declared a disability to ASDAC to be able to use the accessible workstations, though this is under review.  The software is networked on all university PCs and peripherals are available to anyone who makes a request.

An assistive technology workstation

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Where and when?

Different pieces of assistive technologies live in different areas of the Library building.  Each has its own introductory guide.  If you need a USB with basic assistive software for your own PC (not Mac) please ask at the Loans Help Desk.