Distant Collaborative Students
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Work anywhere

You can access most of the Library's electronic resources when you are away from the University by using your University username and password to login.

Some electronic resources direct you to a University of Portsmouth login screen where you simply enter your University username and password. To access other e-resources, you may need to first click on an Institution, Shibboleth, or Academic Sign-in link. You may also need to select that you are from the UK and/or from the University of Portsmouth.

A few e-resources do not use Institutional or Shibboleth logins. There will usually be a note on the Library Catalogue such as "Password required" or "Password required for off-campus access". Note the name of the service you are trying to access and login to our Passwords for Resources page using your University username and password. You will see a list of e-resources with information about accessing them.

You can use the VPN or Web Proxy Service to browse the Internet as if you are working away from the University campus, which enables easy access to e-resources by reducing the need to login.

No matter where you are Portsmouth is just a few key strokes away

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Where and when?

Our electronic resources are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (barring maintenance periods) and can be accessed from where ever you have internet access.