Using the Library
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Your Student Card

To use the Library you need to have your student card.

Once you’ve got your student card, you use it to get access to the library building through our turnstiles whenever the library building is open. It is also needed for a number of library services including borrowing items and booking group study rooms.

Please do not share your student card with anyone else. We check who is coming in and out so that you feel safe in the library, particularly during our 24/7 opening. Items borrowed on your card and any fines on their late return are your responsibility.


Who is it for?

All students need a student card, including those learning at a distance who never intend to visit the library in person.  Only once you have registered for your student card and uploaded your photograph successfully is your library registration completed, allowing us to offer you our full range of distance learning services, including offering postal loans for books.

Using your card to enter the Library

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Where and when?

As part of your initial University registration process you will be asked to apply for your Student card. You can only apply once: please make sure you have a suitable, passport style JPG photo to upload. 

If your card has been lost or stolen you must contact Information Services immediately.

You can order a replacement card if necessary.