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Introductory Pages

The following is a list of all published introductory pages. Click on the title to view a page. Please feel free to embed items in your own web pages or course materials. If you have any queries about the content or proposed use, please contact the owner.

Title (opens in a new window)   Owner   Updated
eJournals   Emily White  30/06/20
Enhance your online reading and writing   David Bennett  20/05/20
External membership of the Library   Nicola Zanelli  12/08/20
Finding a book   Emily White  30/06/20
Finding the right shelf   David Bennett  30/06/20
Food and drink   David Bennett  15/11/19
Four cyan buttons   David Bennett  30/06/20
Further help for distance learners   David Bennett  30/06/20
Get better at grammar   David Bennett  09/06/20
Getting help   Emily White  30/06/20
Getting help   Emily White  01/07/20
Getting help with law   David Bennett  09/06/20
Getting started online: changing your temporary password   David Bennett  09/06/20
Getting started: completing your student card registration   David Bennett  09/06/20
Glass Cupboard Collection   Jenny Yaacob  03/08/20