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Introductory Pages

The following is a list of all published introductory pages. Click on the title to view a page. Please feel free to embed items in your own web pages or course materials. If you have any queries about the content or proposed use, please contact the owner.

Title (opens in a new window)   Owner   Updated
Newspapers   Jenny Yaacob  19/05/20
Noise   David Bennett  01/07/20
One last thing - we're here to help!   David Bennett  26/09/20
Opening hours   David Bennett  28/09/20
Personalised learning   David Bennett  30/11/20
Phone a friend... or lecturer   David Bennett  09/06/20
Photocopying   David Bennett  03/08/20
Pop the web in your Pocket for later   David Bennett  24/03/20
Portable induction Loops   Nicola Zanelli  05/06/20
Postgraduate Study Suite   David Bennett  12/08/20
Power and Data Services   David Bennett  09/06/20
Printing   David Bennett  09/06/20
Proper use of the Library   David Bennett  09/06/20
Read at speed   David Bennett  24/03/20
Reading lists   Emily White  18/06/20