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Drama Online platform migration - take action now to save existing bookmarks

Posted: Thu, 2nd Jul 2020

Please note: this page has been archived and is no longer maintained. Links may not work and any contact details may no longer be correct.

Updated Jul 2nd 2020 15:10

We have obtained an extension to the deadline.  You now have until Monday 6 July to save your content bookmarks for Drama Online.

Drama Online is migrating to a new platform in early July.  Bookmarked items, searches and search history will not be migrated to the new platform.  You do not need to do anything for your personal account to work on the new site, you can just sign in to your personal account on the new site and start saving items.

None of your bookmarks, searches, or search history will be migrated to the new platform, however.  Saved searches and search history will also be lost.

What you need to do

If you have any bookmarked items you wish to migrate to the new site, we suggest that you save the links to any bookmarked content to a document (e.g. Word document or Google Doc) before Friday 3 July.  Once the new site goes live, you will be able to use these URLs to recreate your bookmarks on the new site.  Links to content (playtexts, books, video, audio content items, etc.) will continue to work on the new site. 



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