Nexis problems - login problem for new users and deep linking workaround

Posted: Thu, 19th May 2022

Resolved May 19th 2022 11:50

We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to create deep links to LexisNexis resources that work both off campus without the use of the VPN.  This workaround requires the link to the LexisNexis content to be changed slightly so that it recognises the user as a member of the University and requests the appropriate institutional login before granting full access.  

How to change a link to Nexis Uni so that it works off-campus without requiring the use of the VPN

Get a permalink from Nexis Uni by clicking on the red "Actions" link next to the document title and then clicking on the "Link to this page" button that appears.  This permalink will typically be in the form:

To the end of this permalink add: /?&federationidp=JS32KJ60077

In the above example, the full URL that will work both on and off-campus, with and without the use of the VPN, would then be:

Anyone using this link will be recognised as a member of the University of Portsmouth, directed to the University login page and asked to log in, after which they will have full access to the article (and other Nexis articles until they close their browser window or their connection times out after a period of inactivity).

How is this useful?

If you manage reading lists, you can now add or update links pointing directly to Nexis Uni articles and by adding this simple extension to each of the links make them easy to use for everyone!

Nexis login problem for new users

Deep links to Nexis articles appear now to require a person to be logged into LexisNexis before they will work properly. 



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