European Studies - Finding Articles

For some assignments, our Discovery Service will give you enough sources to work with.

Sometimes you may want to try specific databases or journals – perhaps your lecturer has recommended particular names as a good way of finding articles. This page lists key sources for European Studies:


A key source for the European Union, ESO provides information about the institutions, structures, countries, regions, peoples, policies and processes of the EU and the wider Europe. The European Union Policies section gives very useful summaries on many policy areas.


An academic journal archive containing thousands of articles on a wide range of subjects. You will need to search other databases to find the most recent years.


This international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal is a good source for critical issues related to Eastern Europe.

A top, peer-reviewed journal which examines the evolution of environmental movements and parties. It also provides analysis of the making and implementation of public policy in the area of the environment at international, national and local levels and comments on ideas generated by environmental movements and organisations, and by individual theorists.

A highly rated, peer-reviewed journal  covering IR subjects and theories of interest to researchers around the world.

A top, peer-reviewed journal covering conceptual and comparative perspectives in political science.

One of the very best peer-reviewed journals covering all aspects of the process of government, politics and policy in the European Union. 

The leading, peer-reviewed journal covering the European Union. The articles are high quality and very readable.

A key, peer-reviewed journal covering many cross-Europe topics of interest to courses taught at Portsmouth.

A peer-reviewed journal on European integration which also presents comparative studies of federalism, other forms of regional integration, and articles dealing with EU external relations, whether in the trade or security policy field.

A very popular, peer-reviewed journal which provides a comprehensive source of analytical, theoretical and methodological articles in the field of European public policy.

This long established, peer-reviewed journal covers the literature and cultural history of Europe since the Renaissance.

One of the most authoritative, peer-reviewed journals covering political and social issues in Western Europe. It always provides excellent coverage of all national elections in Western Europe.

News Services & Archives

Use with care as this tabloid is known for its strong views but it can help with some assignments and certain dissertation topics. Search for stories or use the browse feature to flick through the paper on particular days, including special editions published in connection with Queen Victoria, George V, Elizabeth II's coronation and Winston Churchill. Use Nexis if you want to go beyond 2004.

This archive gives you highly respected commentary and analysis of global news each week from 1843 to 2015. Search by subject or browse by date. The articles are full facsimiles, including photos and charts. 
Read about financial crises as they happened.

• The Guardian and Observer Archives not in Discovery 

Access stories and photos from The Guardian (1821-2003) and The Observer (1791-2003). Use Nexis if you want to search up to the current day.

• Nexis not in Discovery 

Full text articles from many news sources and trade journals both UK and international. Archives sometimes stretching back to the mid 1980s.

Regional and national newspapers from the UK, Europe, the USA and Australasia, dating from the 1980s onwards - note that you will find Latin American sources in the Spanish section and Francophone African sources in the French section. 

• The Times: Digital Archive 1785-2013 not in Discovery 

Search over 200 years of articles. Articles are full facsimiles of what was published on the day and you can view the article in its original page location if you want.

• UKPressonline not in Discovery 

Access facsimile articles (including photos) from the Daily Express and Daily Mirror from the early 1900s onwards. Useful if you want the tabloid view on topical issues.

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