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Law - Finding articles, books and more

Feeling more confident?

If you need to explore further reading, we suggest you continue to use Lexis and Westlaw but explore the links to in depth commentary within them.

  • Westlaw  has a range of  full text articles and abstracts and authoritative up to date books. These include a useful resource called Getting the Deal Through which has details of  law and regulation in 56 key practice areas across more than 150 jurisdictions. These can all supplement the primary sources. Additional sources are often linked to from within key cases or legislation  that you identify.
    • Once in a Westlaw case, look at the blue & white panel to the left of the screen for additional help.


You can also explore the Law Journal Library of Heinonline, but in this database be sure you aware of the jurisdiction under discussion.

Now is the time to make sure you have a full set of training certificates for Lexis and Westlaw

You can start to utilise author/title searches of  the Discovery Service and Google Scholar for sources which you have identified from your reading lists and references in Lexis, Westlaw, and other sources.

Beware using Google Scholar or Google for cases or legislation.

Freely available cases on the internet are likely to be official transcripts with no indication as to the later treatment of the judgement so you could find yourself quoting a decision which has been overturned.

Similarly the free legislation on the internet is unlikely to be as up to the minute with amendments as the databases that lawyers and judges rely on in court.

You should look at doing focused searches in Google for official sources and start expanding your background reading to include non-governmental reports on legal issues. This means that you can begin to look at how you identify material from the right jurisdiction and evaluate its worth in a legal assignment.

You might want to increase your current awareness by scanning copies of Modern Law Review or New Law Journal.

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