Marketing, Advertising & Sales - Recommended Sources

Listed below are some specialist e-resources that are bought by the University that you may wish to explore. 

There is also a list of useful websites.

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Specialist e-resources

This fantastic resource has captured UK terrestrial TV and radio programmes from 1998 onwards for anyone in UK universities to watch for free. You can create playlists and clips to embed in presentations, as well as putting in requests for recording. Look out for all the useful documentaries. (Not available to anyone outside the UK.)

A variety of reference works, including dictionaries, which tutors may well prefer to Wikipedia, and it even tells you how to set out a reference to what you find. Try out the 'Mind Map' option to see how your keyword links to others - useful for essay planning and dissertation work (use the arrow next to Basic Search to get to it).

Contains the New Penguin Business Dictionary, Ultimate Business Library and Dictionary of Business.

• IBISWorld 

Provides a comprehensive collection of Industry reports on very specific sectors in the UK, US and China.

Up-to-date information on 30,000+ worldwide companies, 3,500 industry reports and over 110 country profiles. Explore the individual databases on offer including Company Prospector (to help build lists of potential business partners and clients) and Investment & Advisory Prospector (which identifies advisory and investment firms operating in specific industries and allows you to gain insight into the investment and inorganic strategy of companies).

Detailed market research reports on a range of UK sectors including: automotive; beauty and personal care; drink, food and foodservice; health and wellbeing; leisure; media; technology; and travel.  
Also includes access to Mintel Trends which provides evidence-backed insights on how today's consumer thinks, feels and acts.

Also includes market reports on consumer goods, food, travel and leisure.

Find and exploit a huge amount of market and socio-demographic data from countries round the world. Explore country profiles, consumer markets, industry and company information.

Access to more than a million statistics from many different sources. Useful for finding industrial, economic and consumer market statistical trends. Statista take their information from many different providers across the world. Do look at the real source of the material they offer you.


Is a "federation of trade bodies and organisations representing the advertising and promotional marketing industries". Good set of links to trade associations, regulators, and other bodies that have connections with advertising plus AA policy documents for UK and EU issues.

Advertising codes, a 5 year archive of adjudications of complaints about advertising and survey of advertisers' compliance with the codes. 

Topline viewing figures for TV.

Contains features, papers and debates on current hot topics in branding.

• Campaign 

"Campaign is the world’s leading business media brand serving the marketing, advertising and media communities".
Site includes news and updates as well as case studies - free registration is required.

One of the new bodies that replaces the Office of Fair Trading and the Competition Commission. Check here for reports into competitiveness of markets, mergers and market wide consumer problems.

This internet marketing dictionary not only provides definitions and standard information about internet marketing but also hosts links to a collection of related web-based resources.

A  comprehensive glossary of marketing terms.

Top-line estimates of UK readership for newspapers and consumer magazines, by social class and gender.

Useful facts and figures, research and case studies on outdoor advertising, which includes billboards, bus stops, buses, etc.

Topline radio listening figures.

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