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Update the library database

Update the library database. A large number of books and journals appear in the results list of the library database, saying they are accessible. However, they are often only accessible through the interlibrary loan service, which is not indicated on the page of the item and is frustrating to try and work out where the items are actually located.

Submitted: 29/02/20. Approved for implementation

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10/03/20 Thank you for your suggestion. It is important for some of our students, especially Postgraduates, that they can see the full breadth of research available even if we don't subscribe to it all. If you only want to see the resources we have full-text access to then you just need to tick the 'full text online' box on the left-hand side of your search results. This will limit your search to only ebooks and articles that are available to access online.


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