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I have attended the UoP Library since 2019 and I have seen a dramatic drop in the cleanliness of the premises. This can be summed up by the following; 1. The court yard area outside the library has large amounts of litter. With bins overflowing. 2. Inside the library the bins always appear to be full/ overflowing. This leaves students no choice but to either litter or precariously place there rubbish on top of a already full bin. 3. I believe due to the above there is far more dirt/ litter on the floor of the library creating a unwelcoming environment. Please can you proved a more suitable rota for bin emptying that meets the needs of the students within the library.

Submitted: 29/11/22. Approved for implementation

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26/01/23 Thank you very much for your suggestions. With regard to environmental policy and waste management, the University of Portsmouth is committed towards continuous improvement with reducing the amount of waste material going direct to landfill. As from May 2022, a new waste collection scheme has been introduced to University buildings to help make recycling clearer and simpler. The scheme is designed to reduce the number of bins needed and more importantly the number of plastic bin liners used. This scheme is designed to help the University reach its recycling target of 75%.

26/01/23 In the library we monitor how the scheme is going, and we will add your comments to the feedback we will be providing to the relevant department.


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