Cleanliness of the toilets

Over the last month there has been increased dirt and mess within the toilets, this includes: - Rubbish that should be disposed of in the bin - Dirty toilets seats that are not suitable for use. - Sinks that are dirty. One of the biggest issues is the fact that the handles that give had sanitiser are often left empty. The device explicitly states that they should always remain full. As a Library please can you confirm the current procedure surrounding toilet cleaning. Also, on how often the hand sanitiser door handles are checked and replenished. I await your response regarding this urgent health and safety matter.

Submitted: 29/11/22. Approved for implementation

Comments - bolded text is an official Library responses

26/01/23 Thank you very much for your suggestions. I understand your concern regarding the cleanliness of the toilets but they are cleaned three times a day. The hand sanitisers are regularly checked and topped up as necessary, however, sometimes if it is busy over a weekend they can run out.

26/01/23 We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure the toilets are kept as clean as possible.


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