Dimmer lighter and supportive chairs please

More area's with dimmer lighting. I struggle with the brightness of the strip lights, causing eye strain and reducing the amount of time I stay in the library. Additionally more supportive chairs (such as the disability area), however in a less disruptive location, please :-)

Submitted: 13/01/23. Approved for implementation

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The grey small chairs that are predominantly around the empty desk space and in the silent study are really uncomfortable and not suitable for extended periods of working. This added with the removal of desk space for when you bring your own laptop results in limited space to carry out your own work. Please can you add some chairs that are more suited for the length of stay that students are likely to sit for. (edited)

Submitted: 29/11/22

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31/01/23 Chairs are a big problem for tall people as most of the chairs now don't support my back at all and I see myself not spending a lot of time in the library because of that. The chairs on the 1st floor at the BYOD stations are a lot better than the rest of the library [edited].

23/03/23 Thank you for your suggestions. We have a range of lighting throughout the library, and areas 1B, 1C and 2B offer much more subdued lighting for you. Similarly we have a lot of different seating throughout the building to try and cater for different uses. We continually review the fixtures and fittings in the building and are happy to take onboard suggestions like yours when we look to make changes.

23/03/23 Thank you for your comment. There is a variety of seating in the library and we do monitor what we have and how it is being used. We will take on board your comments when we next come to purchase chairs.


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