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Turn up the heating on the second floor in the silent area

Submitted: 16/01/23. Approved for implementation

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Please turn up the heating for the ground floor computer room by the IT desk as the air conditioning means you get blown with really cold air This is an issue I have spoken about to my peers and they have agreed. 

Submitted: 21/03/23

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31/01/23 The temperature is sometimes too hot if you ask me!

02/02/23 Due to the recent fire in the library we had to keep open the air vents in the atrium to clear any remaining smoke from the building. This unfortunately meant a lot of cold air circulating in the library. Now these have been closed again hopefully the temperature in the building will return to normal.

22/02/23 The library is way to hot at this point

21/03/23 Turn the air conditioning off in the downstairs computer room as its freezing

23/03/23 I'm sorry you have found the computer suite cold. Managing the temperature is difficult in that space because all the computers generate a lot of heat and unfortunately a lot of the air conditioning units are directly over the computer tables. We will speak to the heating engineers to see if anything can be done but as I have already said it is a difficult balancing act. You could try and find a computer that is not under a unit or use one which is located in another part of the building as we have many on all floors.

24/03/23 The temperature around the library does vary from floor to floor so it is worth exploring the library to find a space that suits you.


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