How to request a digitisation

If you are a member of staff and would like to make a digital copy of a book chapter, journal article or magazine available to a group of students then the Library will arrange this for you.

Please do not scan published material yourself and upload pdfs to Moodle. These will not get reported to the CLA (a requirement of our licence) and are likely to infringe copyright.

By using our Request Digitisation service:

  • we can guarantee that the request will meet the requirements of the CLA HE Licence
  • the University will be copyright compliant
  • the students will get a high quality scan they can view, print or download directly from the reading list
  • all digital copies will be automatically reported to the CLA.


In order to be able to request a digitisation you must be a List Publisher within Talis Aspire. If you would like to set this up then please contact your Faculty Librarian.

Find the item on your Reading List that you would like to be digitised and select the Request Digitisation button.

You should then receive an immediate response indicating whether the item has copyright clearance and can therefore be scanned. If clearance is granted, Library staff will see this on Digitised Content and will proceed to arrange for the item to be scanned. Items that aren’t in stock may be obtained as copyright cleared copies from the British Library.

Once the digital copy has been obtained, Library staff will upload it to Digitised Content and the system will notify you by email that the copy is ready.

If the request is rejected for any reason then Digitised Content will inform you by email. Reasons for rejection include:

  • Detecting that a newer edition is available. Digital copies should normally be obtained from the latest edition; however, requesters can either request the latest edition or can force a referral by providing a pedagogical reason why an earlier edition is required.
  • the copy limit has been exceeded
  • scanning is not permitted, for example because the resource is not within an included territory, or it appears on an exclusion list
  • the request is a duplicate of an existing request in the system.

For further information about Digitised Content, please contact either Tel. 3630 or Tel. 3655