Using your login: video transcript

With your computer login, you can access the Library's e-resources, whether from the Library's webpages, the Library catalogue or Discovery Service. We use an authentication system that allows you to use your University of Portsmouth username and password to log in to selected services when you are outside of Portsmouth. Also called 'institutional login' it saves you having to remember individual account details for every service you use. When you are using computers on campus, you will be automatically logged in to most resources. However if you are at home you will need to use your login to identify yourself as a University of Portsmouth student. 

Our suppliers have different names for the login box. Depending on the resource you want to log into, you might need to look for a link or option to “log in via your institution”, often called “institutional sign in”, or less commonly you need to select “Shibboleth”, or for certain law and news databases, “Academic sign-in”. When you access an e-resource which requires you to login, one of two things might happen: you will either be taken to a University of Portsmouth login screen where you can log in as if to a University computer and start using the resource, or you will be asked first which institution you are from. Select or type “University of Portsmouth”, this will then take you to the University login screen.