Work anywhere: video transcript

Some online services and resources are restricted to use from within the University of Portsmouth network domain. This means you normally won’t be able to access them from elsewhere. In order to allow you access to services and resources from external networks as if you were on campus the University offers the Virtual Private Network, the most comprehensive solution, offering access to all Library resources and the shared N and K drives. It requires you to install the VPN software on your device, which may not be possible for some users.

Details for using both VPN can be found on our Work Anywhere web page. Alternatively, you can find help by contacting Information Services. Some of our resources always request your username and password whether you are working on campus or via VPN. A few resources require a specific username and password to use them when you are away from the University campus. These are listed on our Passwords for Resources web page. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.