• Library building open with restrictions. Limited IT service availablity

Attention Covid-19 adjustments to Library services

Booking study time in the Library

Due to IT issues, you are not  able to use the booking system for study spaces in the building at this time. 

Instead ...

To access the building you need to register attendance using the 'Check in to a venue' feature in the NHS COVID-19 app which you can download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Use the app to scan a QR code at the library entrance. 

If you are unable to use the app you will need to complete a paper form at reception with the following information: Date, Time, Name and Student Number. You will need to do this every time you enter the building so that we have accurate data for NHS Test and Trace purposes.

You should have your student/staff card with you.


As a result of reduced capacity due to social distancing requirements, the University Library has adopted a booking system for studying in the building. In addition, a Click & Collect service for those who wish to borrow physical books, and a book posting/chapter scanning service for those studying at distance, self-isolating, or studying at home is available. 

From Monday 29th March, staff and students wishing to access the library no longer need to show a text/notification of a negative Covid test result (either lateral flow or PCR) received within the last five days. However, we reserve the right to resume this where necessary (including spot checks) and you are strongly encouraged to continue to get tested regularly. 

If you have any questions please look at our negative testing FAQsTesting for those without symptoms is available at the Spinnaker Sports Centre.

If you have any Covid symptoms you must isolate immediately and arrange a test through NHS Test and Trace, you must not come on to campus or use any university facilities until you have taken a Covid test and received a negative result.

Booking online

All zones (except those listed below) have 2 hour booking slots. You can book up to 6 slots per day (subject to change, based on demand). You need to confirm each booking before making the next one. You can arrive any time during your booking, and you are encouraged to stagger you arrival to avoid queuing. If you have booked more than one 2 hour slot, you must claim each booking by scanning out and in again at the turnstiles during each booking.

The Ground Floor Short Stay zone (previously zone 2) offers 1 hour booking slots for printing, scanning, and IT Help. You can book 1 slot per day and you can arrive anytime during your booking. Please note: if you book any of the 2 or 4 hour slots first, you will not be able to book a 1 hour slot the same day because the system will see it as exceeding the 1 per day booking limit. However, if you book a 1 hour slot first, you will then be able to book additional slots.

If you have an additional support need, the Ground Floor Disability zone has 4 hour booking slots (max. 3 slots per day), which can be claimed anytime during the 4 hours.

To claim your booking

Your booking is linked to access through the library turnstiles. Once you scan your card on the turnstiles, your booking is 'claimed'. You can come and go during your booking without losing it.  If you have booked more than one slot, you must claim each booking by scanning out and in again at the turnstiles. If you do not have a booking, you will not be able to scan your card on the turnstiles to access the library. If you have a teaching session you will need to report to Reception when you arrive and will need to leave the Library immediately after the teaching session. If you have booked a space after the teaching session you will need to re-enter the Library to activate your booking. This is important to avoid ‘no show’ warnings (see below).

Booking cancellation 

You can cancel in advance or during your booking as long as you have not scanned in through the Library turnstiles, and this will not count towards the number of slots you can book. If you no longer need your booking, please cancel it so that others are able to use the space, and to avoid having a ‘no show’ recorded against your name. 

'No show’ warnings 

You will be emailed a first warning for a ‘no show’ or an overstay on your booking. A second warning will mean you cannot book a study space at the Library for 7 days.

14 zones

The Library is divided into zones for tracking smaller groups should self-isolation be needed following a positive COVID-19 test. For this reason it is important that you only sit in your booked zone. There will be signs in the Library so you know where to find your zone.

Details of facilities in each zone are available on the zones or through the online booking system (click on the blue (i) icon beside each zone).

Laptops may be borrowed from the lockers on the ground floor. They can be borrowed for up to 12 hours, but should not be removed from the building.

You may participate in online teaching sessions and contribute, preferably with headphones in all zones except zones 10, 11 and 12 in the Second Floor Silent zone. If you book time in the Second Floor Silent zone, headphones are required, and you may watch online teaching sessions, but without participation.  

I no longer need the booking: what can I do?

If you no longer need your booking, please go onto the online booking system and cancel the booking. This frees up the time slot for another person and it means that you will not be recorded on the system as ‘no show’ for this booking. If you have two ‘no shows’, you will be prevented from using the booking system for 7 days.

I have a new student/staff card: why can't I see my booking?

If you book time in the library and then get a replacement student/staff card, the new library number will override the old one, deleting it from the system. Please see a member of staff at Reception.

Your data and NHS Test & Trace

We may pass data collected via our turnstile and booking system and contact details held in the Student Record system or Staff Record system to the NHS Test & Trace service if requested, which is operated by the Department of Health & Social Care. 



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