Your Student/Staff Card

It is essential that you have a student/staff card as it identifies you as a member of the University of Portsmouth.

** You must bring your student/staff card when you visit the Library **

You should carry your student/staff card with you at all times whilst on University premises.

From September to July, University cards are printed in the Library. The service operates Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm during term time and 9am to 5pm after term ends, excluding Bank Holidays, and is for students and staff who require new or replacement university cards. New students will need a purple Proof of ID check card before their card can be printed. This includes any student who has returned on a new programme of study e.g. undergraduate to postgraduate.

Students who have lost their card will need to get a replacement copy as soon as possible. You will need to pay £10 via the Online Store or at University House. Students should take proof of the receipt with them to get their card printed. Please see the 'frequently asked questions' for guidance on how to get a replacement student/staff card.

A replacement card generates a new issue number and a new library number.  Attendance monitoring will work immediately with the new issue number. The new library number is usually imported overnight, however Library staff can manually update this to enable access the Library and to borrow books.

If you forget your student/staff card, you can use our temporary card kiosk to obtain a 24 hour temporary pass. This temporary pass gives you access to the Library turnstiles only: it does not give you access to any of the Library or IT services that require your student/staff card (for example, you will not be able to borrow books without your card). You can apply for up to 12 temporary passes each Academic Year (August – July each year).

Distance Learners

Distance Learners should apply for a card using the online system. Once processed, your card will be sent out to you by your teaching department. If there is any problem with your card, or you do not receive one, please contact your department in the first instance - they will advise you what (if anything) you need to do next.

Please note that library registration and its associated benefits are available to students registered with the University and on certain collaborative programmes only. Unfortunately we cannot offer access to all our collaborative partner students.

Part-time and Placement Students

You need to join the library as per the instructions on our Library Membership page.

Replacement Cards or Other Problems

Should you lose or damage your card, you can request a replacement. There is a charge for this service. Information Services provide a comprehensive page of student/staff card issues and solutions. If you need a replacement card to record your attendance of a lecture or exam, it will work immediately.

The expiry date on your card may be different from the actual date you finish your course or the date of your last exam. There is no need to worry if you need to present your card to sit an exam as your card is used for photo ID for exams. 

If you obtain a replacement card and it is not granting you access to your halls of residence, please approach the Hall Manager about this.

Members of Staff and External readers

Members of staff in the University of Portsmouth are issued a Staff card.

Visitors who have applied for External membership  of the Library are issued an External Reader card.