Considerations for Research Data

The purpose of this page is to provide a summary of guidance focused on actions/considerations for staff holding research data when they leave the University.


Decisions need to be made on whether to retain or destroy datasets in line with the Research Data Management policy. Related policies and schedules can be found in the left hand column.

As part of your leaving procedure, as per the Staff Access to University Facilities and Leavers’ Procedures policy (section 4.1), staff and their line manager are asked to review appropriate action for paper and electronic files, which may include datasets.


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Related training on using the University storage can be found on the Corporate Governance Information Matters page.

Datasets can be added to Pure by following the Addings Datasets guidance (RIS intranet).



Research Data

Do the research data underpin published research articles, are required by the regulatory environment to be retained or are otherwise deemed of value?


If 'No', deletion should be considered.


If 'Yes':

- if part of an ongoing live project arrange transfer of ownership of the data to a UoP colleague.

- for a completed project or data otherwise considered 'of value':

- if the data are not already published (available via a repository) and are suitable for open access sharing then the data should be deposited in a repository, either a suitable subject specific external repository, general purpose repository (e.g. Figshare) or our own Pure repository.

- if the data need to be retained but cannot be openly shared (and transferring ownership to another staff member is not appropriate), we also have the option of the Research Data Archive. This a deep storage option on our network storage with restricted access. Contact in the first instance.

Research data generally will be kept for a minimum of 10 years (default, other conditions may apply), after which further retention will be subject to review as per the retention schedule.