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The Walk-in Access service enables University of Portsmouth Library external members  and visitors to access a range of electronic resources (e.g. ejournals, ebooks and databases), whose licence agreements allow use by anyone on the Library premises. Please read the conditions and restrictions on use under Further information below before using the service.

Please note, day visitors wishing to use the Walk-in Access service will be unable to gain access to the University of Portsmouth Library during the University's dissertation hand-in and examination period, from Monday 6th May 2019 until Monday 27th May 2019 inclusive.

Using the Service

Please ensure you bring with you the following forms of ID:

You won't be able to use the service without producing the specified identification.

Please also bring with you a portable USB device (walk-in access does not include a printing account, so you need to save resources to print at home later). The Walk-in Access computer terminals have a USB port to enable you to save information.

The service is available only when the Library Help Desk is staffed at the University Library. It is not available during self-service hours. See University Library opening hours for details (note that these vary according to the time of year).

To use the service, please ask at the Reception Desk or the Library Help Desk in the Library on arrival. You will need to provide proof of identity and current address and agree to the Walk-in Access Terms and Conditions each time you use the service.

Please note:

These resources may only be used for educational purposes. Use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

For further help or advice, please contact us.

Further Information