General behaviour

The Library is a shared resource and can get very busy at times. To keep things running smoothly and avoid frustration, everyone needs to behave in a responsible manner.

  • You should carry your university card with you at all times and produce it upon request by any member of staff.  You may be asked at any time to produce your university card or a temporary access pass if you have forgotten your card. Visitors will be expected to present photographic identification upon request.
  • Repeated failure to obey instructions from the Library staff or other authorised individuals, or to follow zoning regulations, may result in a client being required to leave immediately and may result in disciplinary action.
  • All users of the Library are required to conduct themselves in a manner which is considerate towards others, including staff and other users.  Those considered to have verbally and/or physically abused any member of staff or another user will be required to leave immediately and may be subject to disciplinary action or even criminal investigation.

You may want to look at the more formal regulations (see Useful links) which apply to the Library as well as the University as a whole.