EDINA Digimap

The EDINA Digimap Service is an on-line service that allows users to view and create maps of any location in Great Britain using Ordnance Survey map data.

Our institution subscribes to Digimap Ordnance Survey, Historic Digimap and Geology Digimap.

Ordnance Survey Roam lets you see and create OS maps at user defined scales, A4 to A0, including annotations.  You can also download OS mapping data for GIS/CAD and find out information about postcodes and places.

Historic Digimap provides access to Ordnance Survey historic maps of Great Britain, including:

  • all available County Series maps at 1:2,500 and 1:10560 scales published between 1843 and 1939
  • all available National Grid maps at 1:1,250, 1:2,500 and 1:10560/10,000 scales published from 1945 and before the introduction of the OS digital Land-Line product.

Geology allows you to view, create and annotate geological maps and download data to CAD/GIS.

Discover provides links to GoGeo, where you can discover GIS resources, news and find data; Geodoc, to create, archive and publish geospatial metadata; and ShareGeo Open where you can find and share open geospatial data.

For more information about Digimap, contact your Digimap Site Representative at the University of Portsmouth:

David Sherren
Map Librarian
University Library
Cambridge Road

Tel: (023) 9284 3655
Email: maplibray@port.ac.uk

Full details about the service can be found on the EDINA Web site at http://edina.ac.uk/

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