External members

External membership 

External membership of the University Library is free of charge, and available to those who are over 16 and who are not staff or students of the University. To become an external member, please complete the online form. You will be asked to email a jpeg format photo (we are unable to process your application until you send a photo). In order to collect your external member card, you will need to show photographic ID. External members can borrow up to two books at a time and membership lasts for 12 months, when you will be invited to renew.

SCONUL Access 

SCONUL Access enables students and staff registered at another institution and who are entitled to join, to register under the SCONUL Access scheme.

External membership renewal

External members will be invited to renew their membership a month before their membership expires. Applicants who are renewing will be asked to provide photographic ID when they collect their replacement card.

Membership for ex members of staff

Former members of staff who join as external members can borrow up to ten books at a time.

Can I join as an external member today?

You will need to complete the online form and you will be informed by email when you can come and collect your card.

Day Visitors

Visitors are welcome to use the Library without taking out External membership.

You may also find some of the resources on our Information for Visitors page useful when planning your visit to the University Library.