Materials from local libraries v.2

Working away from Portsmouth you should investigate what might be available to you in other libraries close to you. It will save waiting for the postman and material may not be in such heavy demand locally.

All Distance Learners

Obviously local services may vary greatly but students based overseas should explore if they have use of a local public library service (some of whom offer further links to academic libraries) or can acquire borrowing rights to a local academic library for a fee. Also consider what your employers may offer in the way of library services. In some locations you may be able to set up a co-operative study group with other distance learners to pool ideas and share information.

We are always interested in adding to our knowledge base on what our overseas distance learners find useful so if you discover useful libraries in your locality do please tell us about them by emailing

Distance Learners in the UK or Ireland

If you are based in the UK or Ireland you are fortunate to have access to the the national SCONUL scheme via the University of Portsmouth but do not ignore the other suggestions of useful sources we have to offer.

You may also find your public library service offers more than you think. For example on Hampshire County Library or Portsmouth City Libraries you can access the catalogue for the entire county/city’s library stock, renew & reserve books, find out about opening hours, IT, fax & photocopying facilities, reference & information services and access major on-line resources. Some library services  also offer e-book access. Why not check out your own local public library service’s webpage and see what is on offer to you?

If you are employed by a major employer such as the police or NHS, you may find that they provide in house library services to support staff development. It is always worth asking around to find out if such services are available locally or centrally.

If you are UK based and have particularly good experience with any library service which is worth recommending to other students do please tell us by emailing