Library regulations

1. Admission

The facilities of the Library are open to all members of staff and registered students of the University, including those registered at recognised partners. Other persons seeking to use the Library for the purpose of study or research may be admitted at the discretion of the University Librarian. Occasional visitors must report to the Library Reception Desk with photographic identification and obtain a day pass. Details can be found on the Library Membership page.

2. Discipline

  1. All users of the Library are required to conduct themselves in a manner which is considerate towards others, including staff and other users. Those who are considered to have verbally and/or physically abused any member of staff or other user will be required to leave immediately and may render themselves subject to disciplinary action as detailed in the  Code of Student Behaviour or criminal investigation.
  2. All users of the Library are required to obey any instructions from the Library staff, or other authorised individuals, including the production of acceptable means of identification. Acceptable forms of identification are the staff or student card or the appropriate paperwork for cardless visits. External users will be expected to present photographic identification.
  3. Repeated failure to obey instructions from the Library staff, or other authorised individuals, or to adhere to the zoning regulations may result in a user being required to leave immediately and disciplinary action as detailed in the Code of Student Behaviour may be taken.
  4. The use of personal audio equipment and mobile phones is permitted in those areas of the Library where indicated by signs and plans. Such use should not be disruptive to other users. Personal audio equipment is permitted in areas designated as Individual Silent Study Zones provided that it is inaudible to others.
  5. Snack foods and drinks, except alcoholic drinks, may be consumed in the Library building. Hot food brought in from outside is not permitted in the Library building. Users should dispose of empty bottles and other containers in the bins provided.
  6. Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is not permitted within the University Library or within 5 metres of any entrance to the University Library.
  7. Under no circumstances may books or journals be removed from Library premises unless an appropriate loan transaction has been completed. Users are reminded that any breach of this rule can render them liable to disciplinary action within the University and in some cases to legal proceedings where the removal could be considered theft.

3. Borrowing

  1. All users must complete the appropriate loan transaction when making an application to borrow any book or other publication. In the case of volumes not returned or returned in a badly damaged condition the University reserves the right to require the replacement by another copy, or the payment of the estimated value. All volumes must be returned upon request by the University Librarian.
  2. Current issues and bound volumes of periodicals, Library Use Only books so marked and other material temporarily or permanently restricted, may not be borrowed except by permission of the University Librarian and none of this material can be guaranteed to be available for consultation at examination time.
  3. If an item is not recalled for another user and there are no blocks on the individual’s Library account, the University Library will automatically renew the item 1 week before the due date. Further details can be found on the Automatic Renewals page. In the case of the recall of a Standard loan, this must be returned within seven days of the notice sent to the user via their University email address.
  4. Interlibrary loans are not automatically renewed.
  5. Books obtained via interlibrary loan have variable loan periods depending on the lending library. Renewal may not be possible and the lending library may only allow consultation within the University of Portsmouth library.
  6. Loan limits for books for staff and students are as determined by the University Librarian. Details can be found on the Borrowing entitlements for staff & students page.
  7. Limited borrowing facilities may be granted to other persons wishing to use the Library upon written application to the University Librarian.
  8. Final year students are required to return all loans not later than the date of their final examination, or submission-date of their final piece of coursework, whichever is the earlier.
  9. All personal information relating to any user of the University Library will be handled in accordance with the University of Portsmouth Data Protection Policy or subsequent policies.
  10. The Library offers an online reservation service, whereby users may reserve loans online and reservations may be placed by speaking to a member of Library staff in person. The Library may also recall loans to enable better circulation of resources that are in heavy demand. Users are contacted via the University email address to advise of these recalls.
  11. Students with additional needs should contact the ASDAC service provided by the University if they have not already done so and use the Library’s Disability Services.

4. Penalties

  1. A user who fails to return an item by the required date will have all borrowing privileges suspended by the University Librarian until the matter is cleared. Disciplinary proceedings, as outlined in the Code of Student Behaviour, may be instigated in cases of prolonged delay, or where there are repeated offences against the borrowing regulations. The Library will send notifications for staff and students to their University email address.
  2. Staff and students will be responsible for paying any charges for lost/unreturned University of Portsmouth items and interlibrary loan items.
  3. Further details on penalties can be found on the Borrowing from the Library and reserving items page.
  4. In exceptional circumstances, blocks may be lifted at the discretion of the University Librarian.
  5. Where students are in long term debt to the University Library due to failing to return any item, the University Library will seek to recover the debt in line with the Student Debtors Policy.
  6. Damage to library materials, including the removal of pages from books and journals, will be regarded as a serious offence under the Code of Student Behaviour. Penalties may include exclusion from the University.
  7. Regulations for the use of computers in the Library follow the University of Portsmouth ICT Acceptable Use Policy. Failure to comply with this code may lead to the suspension of Library privileges, disciplinary procedures and, where the offence is covered by the Computer Misuse Act, 1990, to criminal prosecution.

5. General

Any complaints or suggestions for improvements of the service may be discussed with any member of library staff and/or entered into the University Library suggestion box.

November 2019