Chinese & Japanese - Recommended Sources

Useful for Everyone

This fantastic resource has captured UK terrestrial TV and radio programmes from 1998 onwards for anyone in UK universities to watch for free. You can create playlists and clips to embed in presentations, as well as putting in requests for recording. Look out for all the useful documentaries. (Not available to anyone outside the UK.)

The History of China, Japan and Korea from origins to the present day – provided by Fordham University, New York.


Lots of free online resources to help improve your Mandarin.

The complete online reference to China and Chinese-related websites.

Find out about festivals, food, tea, traditions and much more.

The official government site.

A large collection of sites relevant to Chinese Studies, hosted by the Sinological Institute, Leiden University, Netherlands and supported by the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

A useful site to help you improve your Chinese language skills from California State University.

Etymologies of over 4000 Chinese characters to help students understand and remember characters. Links to other Chinese language resources are included.


Japanese Government information – mostly in Japanese.

Full text official documents and historical materials concerning modern Japan and relations between Japan and Asian countries. An English language search system is available on their homepage after downloading the free  DjVuBrowser Plug-in.

A useful starting point for websites about Japan and the Japanese language.

A useful site to help you improve your Japanese language skills.

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