Reference management tools

Are you tired of struggling to manage that collection of references that’s accumulating in your office, inbox, USB stick?  Well, you can stop struggling now and use a reference management tool to help you. There are lots of tools available to help and the library can provide you with information and support on using the following:

EndNote Desktop is available via AppsAnywhere for students/staff with university laptops or pcs.  It does not work on Macs however and is not the latest version, so is not recommended for new users. If you are already using it, see the Endnote FAQs from IS.  If you are not already using it, please try EndNote Online or Mendeley instead. 

Mendeley has an online-only version which can be very helpful for quickly organising references but does not include full functionality.
Mendeley Desktop automatically creates an online account which syncs to the full version, allowing for all desktop and online functionality in one place.

If you are using a reference management tool that has a "cite" option within Word, you must ensure that you select the correct referencing style for your department twice - in the referencing software and in Word.

Further help: Please feel free to get in contact if you would like help using this software. You may also like to visit this comparison guide for further information.