Displaying leaflets and posters in the Library

The Library Promotions Team manages a community poster and leaflet display area near the café on the ground floor.  Here you can advertise events and services relevant to our clients.  We are happy to discuss whether materials are suitable to display or you can leave a poster or flier with the Library Reception Desk team and the Promotions Team will consider their suitability for display.

What can be displayed

We are usually only able to display A5, A6, and DL (A4 folded into thirds) fliers/postcards. On our Community Noticeboard, we can display posters up to A4 size.  We display materials for as long as possible or until an event has passed and for a minimum of two weeks but we reserve the right to recycle display materials at any time without notice.

Please be aware that we:

  • cannot display advertisements for sale, rental or purchase
  • will only display materials that are received in a presentable condition
  • require materials to be displayed to be truthful, accurate, decent, lawful and current
  • cannot guarantee to display anything unless agreed in advance with the Library Promotions Team