Online booksellers list

This list is not comprehensive but we hope it will be a useful starting point if you need to buy books.  Don't forget to check our catalogue to see whether the University Library offers copies for you to borrow for free or ebooks you can read online.  The Portsmouth public libraries service also stocks some university-level textbooks, so it is also worth checking their online catalogue.

Online bookseller platforms

Abe Books - A leading second-hand bookselling platform

Amazon - Amazon Marketplace remains a useful place to find many sellers of new and second-hand books

Alibris - Usually more expensive than the other platforms but a solid fallback if you cannot find what you are looking for elsewhere

High street booksellers online

Hive - A platform bringing together local new and second-hand UK booksellers with free UK shipping

Blackwell’s - Blackwell's used to be our local University bookshop but this company has now largely retreated online

Waterstones - The last remaining national UK bookstore chain

Last but not least

The Book Nook - pre-loved books available to take away free from your Library

People in later years of your course and those graduating may also be only too happy to sell you second hand copies of their textbooks at discount prices - ask if your department does anything to facilitate the selling on of books