Research training and workshops

Research staff:  The University runs an extensive staff development programme: Research and Innovation Staff Development Programme (RISDP).  This programme provides professional skills and career development workshops and events for research and academic staff. It brings together nearly 60 workshops and events, all of which will take place on campus during the current academic year.  You do not need to (or are expected to) attend the whole programme. Instead, it's designed so you can pick-n-mix sessions to create your own programme tailored to your needs.

RISDP is taught by experts from across the University and also by external speakers. The Library teaches the sessions on RISDP about open access publishing, research data and bibliometrics. 


Research students: The Graduate School runs a graduate development programme, specifically designed to assist you throughout your research project and help launch your academic careers. The Library also teaches several sessions on the graduate development programme, for example about open access publishing. 


Undergraduate students: The Librarians run many (many!) teaching sessions throughout the year for undergraduate groups of students. These are arranged by your department and you will be informed when you have one scheduled. 


In addition to the scheduled training sessions, you can get in contact at any time, for example to book 1-2-1 sessions with a librarian.  It may also be possible to arrange 'one-off' group workshops to address specific needs.