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Your subject page aims to guide you to high quality information as quickly as possible in the areas of health and safety, engineering and business.

We recommend the following steps: 

1. Start with what your lecturers advise

Your lecturers have produced reading lists which are an essential starting point when looking for information for any assignment. Check our Reading List Database to see what is available for your course. 

2. If you need to go further ...

Use our Discovery Service to locate relevant books, e-books, articles, reports and more - all in one search.


Focus on some specific ways to find articles which your lecturers may have recommended. 

3. Still not found enough?

Perhaps you need government sources, statistics, TV programmes or images. Have a look at these highly recommended sources.

Book Locations

health policy & services - 362.1
occupational health and safety law - 344.410465


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