Borrowing from the Library

Borrowing Library Items

You can easily borrow Library items using our self service systems in the Library Atrium whenever the Library building is open. The self-service kiosks are powered with RFID technology that allows you to issue all the items you need all at once and minimal touching of the screen. 

Details of borrowing entitlements for students and staff can be found under Further Information below.

Additional arrangements are in place to support borrowing for Distance Learners.

Returning Library items

Books can be returned by placing them on the returns trolly which is positioned before the Library turnstiles. 

There's a book on my library account which I think I've lost/returned/which has been stolen

If you let us know about this, the book will become a 'loan query'

What we will do:

  • Check on the shelves
  • If we find the book, we will tell you
  • If the item has not been found or handed in, you will be sent a notification with the replacement cost of the item
  • If payment is not received, you will be invoiced by the University Finance Department who will pursue this matter on behalf of the University Library

What you should do:

  • Check at home, in your department and with your friends and colleagues immediately
  • If you find the item, return it to the library

Please remember:

  • You can continue to borrow books whilst you have a query on your library account. Your ability to borrow is suspended only if you do not respond to our notifications.