Using the Library foyer & the Library atrium

Using the Library foyer & the Library atrium

We are able to offer the Foyer and the Atrium as spaces to be booked by members of the University and the community.

  • We usually offer the Library Foyer to student groups and societies; to promote cycling and personal safety; for student fund-raising etc.  We will also consider booking requests from organisations/public bodies/members of the public as long as the promotion is non-commercial and relevant to our students or to the local community.

  • The Library Atrium is primarily used for University bookings, such as viewing the Estate masterplan, promotion of University strategies, ‘Haver with Harriet’, Student Well-being, Student Finance promotions. The Atrium is also used by the Library for promotions of our service and pop-up sessions.
  • Neither space is large enough to offer double bookings, so we can only offer one booking at a time in each space with the following furnishings:
    • Foyer: table and two chairs – these are left in the Foyer area, ensuring that the exit routes are not blocked.
    • Atrium: pop-up table and two chairs – these are provided for you in the Atrium, ensuring that the stairs and the exit routes are not blocked.

Arranging your booking

To make your booking please complete the Atrium/Foyer Booking Request Form, preferably with two weeks notice. Your booking is not confirmed until you receive an email confirming your booking.  

Pre-wrapped confectionery and unopened bottled or canned drinks can be given away at your table. If you wish to organise a booking where any other food or drink is sold or given away you will need to complete an Event Management Plan. This Plan must be submitted to the University at least 4 weeks in advance of your booking. 

When deciding on a date/time for your booking we recommend you consider term-time, Monday - Friday, between 1000 - 1800 to reach the majority of students using the Library.

You will be expected to apply current University and Government guidelines during your booking, to make sure that those of you staffing the stall and those visiting the stall are kept safe. 

On the day of your booking

Please ensure that:

  • you leave the area tidy and clean. You can obtain cleaning materials from the Reception Desk.
  • the table remains on the left-hand side of the Foyer (as you enter the Library).  You must not position the table on the right hand side of the Foyer (as you enter the Library), as this is an exit route if there is a fire alarm.
  • Library users are not prevented from entering and leaving the space, either by the table and chairs or by the people staffing the table.
Map for foyer and atrium

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